Kelly Carrigan

Certified Life Coach

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You know you are worth it. I’m going to give you the tools you need to start acting like you believe it.

About Kelly 

Kelly is a certified Life coach, who’s passionate about communication, connection and collaboration. 

12 Weeks to Calm the Chaos

This 90 day coaching program empowers people pleasers, sensitive souls and the kind hearted to confidently communicate with others and they feel valued and heard. 

Coffee and Confidence

Coffee and Confidence is a weekly show highlighting professionals and their expertise on how to achieve confidence. Inspiring you to grow in confidence. 

12 Weeks to Calm the Chaos

For People Pleasers


You know you are worth it. I’m going to give you the tools you need to start acting like you believe it. 

Sometimes it’s tough to muster the courage to speak and live your truth because you don’t know how others will react. And more often than not, doing nothing and living in silence, leaves you feeling under valued and upset. You try to comfort yourself by thinking that maybe the demands will stop one day, and then you can start living the kind of life you’ve always wanted.You may feel fated to live like this forever, but you aren’t.

What People Are Saying About Kelly



“ Before connecting with Kelly I was struggling with identifying my personal boundaries and implementing them. I also needed help learning to respond professionally when dealing with difficult people. After four sessions with Kelly I was able to identify my boundaries and put them in place. I’m proud to say I have stuck with them. I also learned helpful tools when faced with challenging conversations. The tools I learned have made me feel confident in taking on challenging situations life throws at me. Kelly is attentive and magnetic. It is a pleasure working with her.”


“ My decision to reach out to Kelly was a very spontaneous one! And one of the best decisions I have ever made. Before I met Kelly I had some challenges both personally and professionally and what I was looking for was some insight to be a better leader and mentor within my business and to stop the chaotic hamster wheel in my mind. I don’t always understand people and wasn’t sure how to support and guide my team without feeling exhausted. Procrastination became my comfort zone and I felt stuck! Kelly enlightened me with sensible systems, words, and powerful insights to calm my mind, control my thoughts and  speak from the heart in an authentic way. Setting boundaries, being more resourceful, and letting go of guilt has never been easier”.


I met Kelly at a Coffee with Kelly Presentation in Brighton. I found her to be engaging with an amazing positive energy. Before I started working with Kelly was struggling with so many decisions and changes happening in my life. I had feelings of guilt for wanting to make positive changes for myself, worrying how it would affect my employers, family, and income. My journey began with Kelly and we focused on the areas of my life that needed it!


“By Kelly showing me how to invest in myself and my well being has been the most freeing, liberating and kindest thing I could have done for myself. I can’t believe that I was giving away so much of my power. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted in my life. I was living for other people and now I am able to set boundaries and speak my true thoughts instead of responding with what I thought other people wanted me to say. She has taught me that my thoughts, feelings and point of view are as valid as anyone else’s and I have the right to speak them.”

“Helping People Pleasers to confidently

communicate with others”